Dwise Empire

We are the world most entertaining Brand with set of young and talented youths,that has a life to build for and also to build a nation wild as top world brand of entertainers.
We aim at building an empire of entertainment, fashion and education (Dwise_foundation). Dwise_Empire was founded in year 2018 by Adedeji Oluwaseunfunmi and came into existence with the help and support of teams in the year 2020. This empire has the motive to build a nation full of talents and give children’s a life them can live for, after the stress will youths went through on the street of Africa, we discovered poverty was just a decision one has to make on his/her to be rich or poor. But same time the kind of opportunity to do it and make it work is another issue on it own,empire isn’t something that is been built by a person,but it’s built by a nation.
Dwise_Empire has been on this project for the pass 2 years on how to make something great Happen that’s why we coming up with the ideal to build a foundation of education,where kids will have the opportunity and previllege to be educated and have the opportunity to grow in a convenient environment. Talent is a gift given to everyone by God,but it’s your responsibility to learn and work on it so you can be perfect with it. Learning is to make your talent be strong enough to stand where great men stand that’s why we are using this opportunity to build an empire with talented youths, giving them the opportunity to learn and be perfect in it.

What do we plan to archive?

It’s been since 2 years we working on this project and now we are getting near to what we want to archive, building an empire isn’t an easy work,to be sincere with you what matters most on every aspect of life is CONSISTENT, this should be every man’s number 1 rule to obey if you want to be a successful Person in life. Even in network marketing, CONSISTENCY matters alot in other to archive great things.
That’s why we are gathering a nation together HAUSA,IGBO AND YORUBA,cause we want to build an empire of success,were people can recognize us worldwide for achievements, endorsement, awards,deals, contracts and other valuable things the world can offer us,so we can give it to the nations to Feed on.

The Empire itself came together with the ideas and help of each member who has something to offer  to the empire,so the Empire itself can have something to show and offer to the world.
It’s a thing to have talent, it’s another thing to make use of it and it’s another thing to for you to use your talent to help the world. Offering them something they can look on to as a life they can build and TRUST on.
We the people of Dwise_Empire has decided to use our talent as a weapon to fight against POVERTY and to build up a team of empires, great people with achievements at an early age.

What impact to we plan to add into people’s life?

We plan to make the world UNDERSTAND that there are ways we can survive without doing any illegal business. The Empire as a whole and his whole team,is called  THINK TEAM by there stage name,that is to let you know, coming together to be one isn’t something easy,cause we needed to make world know that, Africans as a whole shouldn’t be recognized by illegal business but should be recognized as an empire builders.
You see one of the things we love about our country is that, our country is a home of so many resources but the government,never gave us the opportunity to feed on them. Then we had to look for a means,where we can also join the government to feed from it without paying for it cause we own it.


1) ENTERTAINMENT:: When we talking about the entertainment industry as a whole, African continent is one of the fast growing country in the industry and music. We Africans has the ability to do something creative,cause the talent is there already building on the foundations of to talent. Nigeria’s is one of the most dominating entertainment industry in the world,a situation where every youth, believe they have a future in the industry cause they have the faith in them that YES people are making things happen and I believe I can also make things happen too.
That’s why we the Dwise Empire,has decided to bring together our talent making it an ideal,to how we can Archieve and make things work together for the better of one and the favour of each and everyone in the EMPIRES family. The Empire on it’s own has something that no music brand or entertainment industry can offer to people,and one of these things is, giving the young youths in the industry a hope for a better tomorrow, something special (can’t figure it out yet).
Entertainment is paying lot of cash, Yes we know, but ask yourself a simple question, Do you have what it takes to get there? Do you have the quality of a real brand member? Do you have the ability to give people what it takes to be happy? Can you sacrifice your own happiness for other people outside the industry? Can you be consistent and grateful when you get to the top?
These are most of the important questions, that are needed to be considered before moving into a brand or the industry. Consistency matters alot in the industry today,what do i mean by consistency, something that you can do continuously without putting a full stop to it. Something that makes you best.
2)FASHION:: Since Africa is such a large and diverse continent, traditional clothing differs throughout each country. African clothing and fashion is a diverse topic that is able to provide a look into different African cultures. Clothing varies from brightly colored textiles, to abstractly embroidered robes, to colorful beaded bracelets and necklaces. People in Africa wear traditional cultureal clothing
3) EDUCATION (THE WISE FOUNDATION): To the Empire, education is the father of all cause wisdom is nothing if you don’t have the knowledge,that’s is to let you know that the empire has been able to Archieve great things with the help of knowledge. Joining wisdoms together to get a knowledge from and knowledge provides you the ideal to work with. Education is the best and one of the most effective way to get things done in Africa. So many younths has been discourage about education,why cause they think those who goes to school has nothing to offer and education has no favor in their sights.
Yes are many people who was to go to school and be educated so they can have the knowledge to bring up ideals for things they plan,but they don’t have the money to pay for school fees and most of Africa parent can’t avoid to pay it all. In African,if we have 100% I can say it boldly that only 40% of most Africans are going to school currently. Why? cause the rate at which our government discourage education is much more than the encouragement given.
We the Empire has decided to offer the same opportunity of education to The poor kids on the street of Africa,who has nothing to hope on. We decided to make them have the opportunity to see life from another view,a situation where they will also be exposed to street and education to understand more about the country. There is something about Africa some people in our country don’t understand,tho some do understand but don’t have the opportunity to show it up. We call it
4)JOB PLACEMENT::In our country, educated youths are many, looking for a means of survive to help support their families who supported them through school now and through out the whole time of difficult. Now they are through with no employment,cause of the countries current situation. A situation where all young youth decides if to go to school or not. A situation where you want to go to school,but your parent can’t afford to pay for tuition fee. A situation were you are scared that after several years in the university,that nothing good is going to come out from it.
This are situation where youths goes into stealing cause they want to feel among, having something to offer the family so they can earn some respect from the family as a man that they are. Yes, opportunities isn’t for everyone in situation like this,cause you have no one who is at high ranked Level to speak for you.
That’s why we called the Empire together to see what will can also offer to young youths like us. Employment?? Yes we the Empire has decided to offer great opportunities to the youths,so they can have something to support their families with a great opportunity where,we make sure that everyone is offered the same opportunity not considering your religious background.
Dwise Empire is one big happy family,that has decided to give birth to another set of Generations with great dreams to Archieve success without considering the obstacles. Another set of Generations,that can dream without sleeping. Another set of Generations that can make things happen in the industry. Another set of Generations that their names will go worldwide.
We will Never hate on any youth who wants to make success, we help them Archieve it. Joining the empire is the best decision you have taken,I don’t know about you but for me, I’m already employed for a JOB. Thanks to the family (Dwise Empire) for the great opportunity