Many people believed that Ahad Israfil had a guardian angel watching over him in 1987, Ahad sustained a gunshot to the head that blew off a massive portion of his brain.

When he was 14, Ahad was working at a local convenience store in his home town of Dayton, Ohio. His employer accidentally dropped a gun and shot the top of Ahads skull blowing off most of his right hemisphere.

He started convulsing on the floor from blood loss and shock. Paramedics rushed him to a nearby hospital and after a 5 hour operation, he awoke and even tried to speak.

His own mother described his head looking like a deflated basketball.

Years later, a plastic surgeon constructed a hard silicon implant and filled the cavity of his cranium. The surgeon pulled his skin over it to give him a somewhat normal looking head.

The now 42-year-old man with only half of his brain went on to graduate with honors from his local university.


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